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Jim Kyle for DA?

Jim Kyle, the Democrats’ leader in the state Senate and a longtime Shelby County legislator, tells Jackson Baker that he woke up Tuesday morning without any particular thought about running for another office but started getting phone calls urging him to consider a race for District Attorney General next year.
Bingo! “I hadn’t thought about it at all, but I had to respect the people who were talking to me about it, and I am thinking about it seriously.”
Blogger Steve Steffens (leftwingcracker.blogspot.com) was the first person to float the idea in public, but Steffens said he was responding to some of the same people who had contacted Kyle about the idea. He, like them, thought it made perfect sense.

Former DA, Chased by Police, Crashes into Police Car

JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. (AP) — Former 1st Judicial District Attorney General Joe Crumley led Jonesborough police on a brief chase before hitting a cruiser that was trying to stop him.
Police Chief Matt Hawkins said Crumley was driving downtown on Wednesday afternoon when he crossed into the oncoming lane, nearly striking an officer’s cruiser head-on.
The officer attempted to stop him. When Crumley kept going, another officer got in front of Crumley. Crumley then ran into the rear of that officer’s cruiser.
Hawkins said Crumley was talking on his cell phone and refused to get out of the car.
Shortly afterward, Crumley appeared to be in medical distress and was taken to the Johnson City Medical Center.
Criminal charges are pending.
A message left at a number listed for Crumley was not immediately returned.