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House Committee Kills Gun Bills; Could Rise Again

With their leaders under political attack from Second Amendment advocates, Republicans on a House committee rallied behind them Tuesday to kill legislation to advance gun rights on two fronts.
The harshest attack came from John Harris, president of the Tennessee Firearms Association, who said in an email to supporters that House Republican Caucus Chairman Debra Maggart should be politically crucified.
The National Rifle Association was more mild mannered, but still used statewide automated telephone calls to criticize Gov. Bill Haslam, House Speaker Beth Harwell and Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey for opposing two bills.
One measure (HB3560) would block employers from prohibiting their employees from bringing guns to work, provided they are left in a locked car in a parking lot. The other (HB3559) prohibits discrimination against employees because of gun ownership – including a ban on asking whether a worker owns guns.
The so-called “guns in parking lots” bill was killed on a voice vote in the House Calendar Committee, a 25-member panel with only four Democratic members. The Republicans are all in leadership positions filled by appointment of Harwell.
The anti-discrimination bill died on a 15-8 vote after sponsor Rep. Eddie Bass, D-Prospect, specifically asked for a roll call voted.

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TFA President Says House GOP Chair Should be Politically Crucified

John Harris, president of the Tennessee Firearms Association, has issued a new attack on House Republican Caucus Chairman Debra Maggart following a House Republican Caucus vote Monday night – behind closed doors – to oppose efforts to bring the so-called “guns in parking lots” bill to a House floor vote.
A Maggart quote on Harris: “In my experience, weak men do not like strong women. I think that’s what this is all about.”
Here’s an excerpt from the Harris email to supporters:
Rep. Debra Maggart has been identified by TFA and we understand by other grassroots organizations as the symbolic figure of a Republican legislative leadership that has trampled on the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens these last two (2) years, that has made knowing misrepresentations to the citizens regarding their support and that of the caucus for the 2nd Amendment and the rights of citizens, and that demonstrated an unsettleing willingness to abuse the rules to defeat legislation on grounds other than the merits in open recorded floor votes.
Rep. Debra Maggart’s political career needs to end much as the Romans crucified criminals – not just to end her tenure but as a glaring example to other Republicans that you cannot take the grassroots groups or the rights of citizens for granted and then put your hand out to Big Business for their support all the while expecting to be re-elected. Symbolicly, it is time to display a used crucifix at the entrance to the General Assembly as a warning. Rep. Debra Maggart’s race is not a race limited now to the 45 District from which she claims power. Her race is a statewide race for constitutional conservatives to stand up from all 99 districts and proclaim we will not be taken for granted and we will not have our rights as citizens sold for a measure of silver.
Rep. Maggart has a primary challenger in the Republican Primary. The challenger is Lt. Col. Courtney Rogers . Lt. Col. Rogers is raising the funds necessary to offset the enourmous Maggart warchest that we can assume has been funded in many respects by Big Business and related interests. Lt. Col. Rogers’ campaign is asking every firearms owner and conservative in the State who has been taken for granted by Debra Maggart and her peers to contribute “$45 for the 45 District”. It is interesting that the 45 is the caliber that has been used in the handguns of patriots and our armed forces for more than a century to defend the freedoms we cherish in this country. If just 10 percent of the 340,000+ handgun permit holders could make that small effort it would practically ensure that the voices of conservatives would no longer be taken for granted by the elected Republican leadership in Tennessee.