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Weston Wamp’s Sister a Filmmaker?

Congressional candidate Weston Wamp declined Tuesday to say whether his younger sister recorded or posted online a video titled “Scottie Mayfield Struggles to Answer Basic Questions,” reports the Chattanooga TFP.
“The origin of the video is unimportant to us,” Wamp campaign manager Bonnie Brezina said in an emailed statement. “The substance of what Mr. Mayfield said is important to voters.”
Wamp and several of his advisers declined to answer several yes-or-no questions about whether Coty Wamp attended the relevant meeting, filmed the video or uploaded it to YouTube.
….Posted April 18 and apparently filmed hidden-camera style, the YouTube video shows Mayfield telling the University of Tennessee in Knoxville’s College Republicans club that he must get elected to Congress before he gets “too focused” on what he wants to do there. A student at University of Tennessee College of Law, Coty Wamp attended the meeting and may have taped it, according to Tyler King, president of UT’s College Republicans.