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TN Legislators (45 of them) Make Memphis Conference Scene

One-third of Tennessee’s state’s lawmakers are planning a trip to Memphis this weekend to mingle with hundreds of legislators from other Southern states, according to Andrea Zelinski.
The Southern Legislative Conference, which is closed to the public, is chaired this year by Senate Republican Leader Mark Norris, of Collierville.
…State lawmakers attend courtesy of state taxpayers who cover their $200 registration fee, a $176 daily per diem to cover meal and hotel expenses and 46-cents-per mile reimbursement to drive there.
Forty-five members of the Tennessee Legislature plan on attending the conference, which runs from Saturday to Wednesday. The list (provided in full on Zelinski’s post) includes top Republicans like Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey and Speaker Beth Harwell, along with other high-ranking leaders like the top Democrat in the Senate, Jim Kyle, who hails from the Memphis area, and House Democratic Caucus Chairman Mike Turner.
…While the conference is closed to the general public, it is open to the media and is usually attended by lobbyists, according to Norris.
Tennessee’s delegation is almost evenly split along party lines between the 29 representatives and 16 senators who signed up with legislative staff to attend the five-day conference.