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Union County Puts School Super Back to Work

After nearly a year, Wayne Goforth will return to work as the superintendent of the Union County school system, reports the News Sentinel.
In February, the school board voted that six administrative charges filed against Goforth were cause to terminate his contract. Those charges alleged that Goforth was inefficient in carrying out his duties as superintendent. But on Monday night, the school board, with two new members, ultimately decided to put him back to work.
Goforth became director of the Union County Schools in 2008, when he signed a four-year contract that calls for an annual salary of $86,000. His contract ends in June. He has been on administrative leave with pay since his October suspension.
…Oaks said he voted to put Goforth back to work because the school system is financially strapped and has already lost nearly $40,000 in legal fees on the issue.
Oaks said he couldn’t support buying out the contract of Goforth when “we’re not able to buy textbooks.”