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A ‘Wild Goose Chase’ for a Photo ID

Libby Miller was rejected as a voter for lack of proper photo identification and in a subsequent attempt to get one was told that the supposedly free card would cost $17.50, according to her parents.
At least 284 people statewide were stopped from casting a ballot in the Aug. 2 election because they had no photo ID, officials reported. But that figure doesn’t include people like Miller who did not request or receive a “provisional ballot.” No record is kept of those who were simply turned away without a provisional ballot.
Miller, a “mentally challenged” 60-year-old who has voted in every election since registering as voter at age 18, was disappointed at being turned away from the ballot box by poll workers who knew her, said her mother, Viola “Vi” Miller, 82.

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Former DA Charged in Car Chase Episode

Former District Attorney General Joe Crumley turned himself in Friday night on charges stemming from a September pursuit by Jonesborough Public Safety, according to the Johnson City Press.
According to booking information from the Washington County Detention Center, Crumley, 58 215 Scott Lane, Jonesborough, arrived at the jail Friday with a bondsman and was booked on charges of reckless driving, evading arrest, reckless endangerment and failure to yield.
His bond was $12,500. He bonded out of the jail that night.
Crumley, who was district attorney general from 1998-2006, was stopped by Jonesborough officers just after noon on Sept. 21 after nearly striking a patrol vehicle head on in the 100 block of East Main Street, according to JPS.
Crumley was pursued to Tenn. Highway 81 South, where he was stopped after reportedly running several vehicles off the road. Once stopped, Crumley’s vehicle lurched forward, striking a JPS vehicle involved in the pursuit. No one was reportedly hurt in that crash.

Former DA, Chased by Police, Crashes into Police Car

JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. (AP) — Former 1st Judicial District Attorney General Joe Crumley led Jonesborough police on a brief chase before hitting a cruiser that was trying to stop him.
Police Chief Matt Hawkins said Crumley was driving downtown on Wednesday afternoon when he crossed into the oncoming lane, nearly striking an officer’s cruiser head-on.
The officer attempted to stop him. When Crumley kept going, another officer got in front of Crumley. Crumley then ran into the rear of that officer’s cruiser.
Hawkins said Crumley was talking on his cell phone and refused to get out of the car.
Shortly afterward, Crumley appeared to be in medical distress and was taken to the Johnson City Medical Center.
Criminal charges are pending.
A message left at a number listed for Crumley was not immediately returned.

Alleged Municipal Bond Scheme Leads to Settlement With TN, Other States

News release from attorney general’s office:
Tennessee Attorney General Bob Cooper and 24 other state attorneys general announced a $92 million agreement with JP Morgan Chase & Co. (JPMC) as part of an ongoing nationwide investigation of alleged anticompetitive and fraudulent conduct in the municipal bond derivatives industry.
As part of the multistate agreement, JPMC has agreed to pay $65.5 million in restitution to affected state agencies, municipalities, school districts and not-for-profit entities nationwide that entered into municipal derivative contracts with JPMC between 2001 and 2005. In addition, JPMC agreed to pay a $3.5 million civil penalty and $6 million in fees and costs of the investigation to the participating states. It has not yet been determined how much Tennessee and the other states will receive from the agreement.

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State Eyeing Change in Contract Charging ‘Junk Fees’ to Jobless

Almost 44,000 people who receive unemployment benefits through the Tennessee Automated Payment (TAP) card pay JPMorgan Chase & Co. 25 cents to $1 almost every time they use it, whether it’s to withdraw cash, make purchases or check balances, reports The Tennessean.
Consumer advocates say that unfairly fattens the bank’s bottom line at the expense of those who can least afford to pay. One national consumer group calls the card among the worst of its kind in the country, saying it has the most “junk fees.”
JPMorgan Chase declined to say how much it has collected from jobless Tennesseans or respond to the critics, instead issuing a general statement saying that it’s “flexible in the way any fees/costs are borne in our programs.”
But the bank’s fees also have drawn the attention of Tennessee officials, who say changes could be on the way. State officials hope to reduce or eliminate at least some of the fees when they negotiate a new contract, possibly with a different bank, later this month.
The state has sought new proposals and has set a contract deadline for June 28.
../JPMorgan Chase beat out five other bidders to win the state electronics benefit card contract seven years ago. It was first applied to child-support payments but was expanded to include unemployment benefits in December. Now, 43,990 jobless Tennesseans get benefits through the card, roughly 4 of every 10 beneficiaries, state figures show.
Most people use direct deposit, while just 498 claimants still get paper checks, the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development said.
….The state saves $3.2 million in annual mailing costs, said Mark Stiles, director of the state’s unemployment insurance claims system. JPMorgan Chase also pays the state 10 cents a month for each active account.