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Duncan Paying Certification Bonuses to the Uncertified (including himself)

Knox County Trustee John Duncan III has given himself and other employees in his office a $3,000 bonus authorized by state law for earning accreditation as a certified public administrator. But Mike Donila reports that Duncan and the others in his office are not certified public administrators – though they have attended classes designed to aPchieve that status.
Other county fee office officials gave workers similar rewards this year and last year, but Duncan is the only one to give the incentive payments to employees who have not graduated from the training program. And, he said, he intends to give the money to his employees next year, too, if they are still in the program — regardless of whether they are officially certified.
“I feel like if they show reasonable diligence in pursuing the program, then they should be rewarded for it,” said Duncan, who earns almost $107,000 a year in salary. “I have no problem at all rewarding people who are taking initiative and trying to improve their knowledge of the county and better serve the taxpayer.”