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100 Shows So Far This Year for GOP Celebrity Marsha Blackburn

In 2012, Congressman Marsha Blackburn of Brentwood has become one of the most recognized faces of the Republican Party and conservative causes in general, observes Gannett News Service – so much so that watching all of her media appearances on YouTube would be full-time job in itself.
Whenever congressional issues top the day’s news, TV and radio news producers quickly seek out the youthful-looking grandmother and small business owner to represent the right side of the political spectrum. Blackburn’s voice has an unmistakable Southern lilt but no one would ever accuse her of talking slow. GOP talking points come out in staccato, rapid-fire fashion.
So far this year, her office says, Blackburn has made more than 100 appearances on national and Tennessee-based television and radio programs.
They’ve ranged from Sunday morning’s “Meet the Press” on NBC and “This Week” on ABC to the “Alex Jones Show,” a Web-based and syndicated radio program out of Austin, Texas, hosted by one of the nation’s leading conspiracy theorists. She is also a favorite of the conservative Fox News and the Fox Business Network, the liberal MSNBC, CNBC and C-SPAN.

Democratic Quest for an Anti-Corker Candidate: A Celebrity Maybe?

Tennessee Democrats are still looking for a credible candidate to run against Republican U.S. Sen. Bob Corker, observes The Tennessean in a story headlined on the search for a celebrity willing to make the plunge.
“There’s some intriguing conversations with some people in the entertainment industry in our state that would have instant name recognition,” said Chip Forrester, the party’s state chairman, who declined to name any of the celebrities or other potential candidates. “But there’s always that conundrum that people in the entertainment business who have an interest in politics face: What impact does that have on their entertainment careers?”
Forrester, not surprisingly, declined to drop any names. (Note: Didn’t Tim McGraw declare a few years ago that he’s like to run for governor or senator at some point? Googling shows that, yes, he did.)
The story otherwise reports the obvious: Corker is virtually assured of reelection, being rich, having amassed a huge campaign warchest and being a Republican in a Republican state who has not committed any major foulups.
“I think that in the six years Bob Corker has been there, he has been a fairly moderate voice within the Republican Party,” said Charles Robert Bone, an attorney and active Democrat who, like Forrester, is a fundraising “bundler” for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.
“I don’t think there have been any serious missteps along the way. While he’s toed the party line on a lot of votes, he’s also stood up to the party where it made sense.

Hey, but as prospective candidates for something in 2014 (when Gov. Bill Haslam and Sen. Lamar Alexander will be up), Forrester is dropping names.
Forrester mentioned a handful of candidates who might be willing and able by then, led by three mayors: Nashville’s Karl Dean, Clarksville’s Kim McMillan and Knoxville’s Madeline Rogero. He also spoke highly of Scott Conger, a Jackson city councilman; Mark Padgett, a Knoxville businessman who lost the mayoral race to Rogero in November; and Jeff Yarbro, a Nashville attorney who nearly beat state Sen. Douglas Henry, a 10-term incumbent at the time, in the Democratic primary in 2010.
“We are working closely with all of them,” Forrester said. “We’re addressing the issue of building our bench.”