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TWRA Corraling Hogs Remotely

By Randall Dickerson, Associated Press
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — How many wildlife agents does it take to catch a wild hog? Only one — under a new remote system used by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.
Richard Kirk, an agency program manager, said the new system alerts an on-call agent when there is movement under the trap. Cameras are set up with the trap and the agent can watch feral hogs by video, springing the trap by pushing a button on a computer or smartphone from miles away.
Agents set up a corral that is 35 feet in diameter and bait it with corn. When hogs wander close and set off a motion detector focused on the gate, an agent gets a text message. Then they can watch the video and drop the trap.
Kirk said the new technology can save a lot of staff time. Previously, four agents would study the feeding patterns of a group of feral hogs, set up the trap and then return early on the day they hoped to capture them. Now, they study the feeding patterns, place the trap and wait for a text message.
“This system allows one person at a computer at 2 a.m. to make the capture, versus four people spending three to four hours out there,” Kirk said.

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‘Give Us a Chance to Catch Our Breath Here’

Gov. Bill Haslam has offered some elaboration on his decision to stall action for at least a year on setting up a school voucher system.
A quote as reported by WPLN:
“Whether it be change in tenure, new evaluations, Race to the Top, different standards, a lot of people are saying ‘Give us a chance to catch our breath here.’ Which I thought, given everything that’s going on, was a fair request of them.”
Further from TNReport:
Haslam’s administration spent months trying to decide where it sat on the idea by studying how vouchers have been used in other states, whether they have worked well and what kind of effect they’ve had.
“We hadn’t really tried to say what would this look like in Tennessee? How much of the state’s money would go? What would be the ramifications of that?” Haslam told reporters.