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Crim Drops Lawsuit Seeking to Void Mark Clayton Nomination

Larry Crim, fourth place finisher in the Aug. 2 Democratic U.S. Senate primary, indicates in a news release that he’s dropping legal action to void the apparent victory of Mark Clayton, who has since been disavowed by the state Democratic party.
This comes after U.S. District Judge Kevin Sharp of Nashville effectively threw the lawsuit out — though telling Crim’s lawyer he could come back and try again.
Instead of litigating, the release says Crim is launching a new organization — he will be chairman — called Democrats United For Tennessee. It’s purpose, says the release, will be uniting Democrats and “providing leadership for a new direction focused on emphasizing the importance of every race for public office and on the vetting, selection, nomination, and general election of Tennessee Democrats dedicated to being a public servant for all Tennesseans.”
The full release is below.

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Shelby County’s Fraud Insurance Policy Cancelled

Travelers Insurance has canceled Shelby County’s fraud-protection policy, a move attributed to more than $1 million in losses incurred in a Chancery Court embezzlement scheme, according to the Commercial Appeal.
News of the cancellation came Tuesday as Dewun Settle, the court’s beleaguered clerk, resigned — one day after the County Commission began deliberations toward a special investigation of his office.
Settle was blistered in a series of reports that revealed grossly inadequate financial oversight.
Among concerns, an investigation by The Commercial Appeal found that Settle allowed an employee suspected of stealing $1,063,000 over three years to stay on the payroll for two months after an initial report in February revealed possible wrongdoing. During those two months, an additional $90,000 disappeared.
In a terse news release, the court’s three judges — Walter Evans, Arnold Goldin and Kenny Armstrong — said Settle’s resignation was “effective immediately.”
Former clerk John Robertson will serve as interim clerk until a new clerk is appointed