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Editorial Denounces Registry’s Decision on Burchett

In an editorial, the News Sentinel expresses disapproval of the Registry of Election Finance decision to take no action against Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett for violations of state law.
The state Registry of Election Finance sent a message Tuesday to anyone running for office in Tennessee: “Don’t worry — your campaign finance records don’t have to be accurate.”
The regulatory board voted unanimously to drop its inquiry into Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett’s election finances, even though members acknowledged the campaign cannot account for $15,537.
The mayor blames his then-wife, who managed the account, for the discrepancy, alleging in a sworn statement that she took the money for personal use. His ex-wife, Allison Beaver, has said everything she did was with the knowledge and blessing of her husband.
State law, however, is crystal clear that the candidate ultimately is responsible for a campaign’s finances.
…The message seems to be that as long as a candidate files the proper paperwork, either on time or after some prodding, registry members will not be concerned about their accuracy. Hypothetically, a campaign worker can simply take from the till. Money then could be distributed as favors or even to buy votes. The family dog could eat the receipts. As long as there is deniability, the registry might just look the other way.