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TDEC Official Labels Citizen Fracking Comments ‘Stupid’ in Emails

Michael Burton, a supervisor in the state Department of Environment and Conservation, tells WTVF-TV that he regrets responding to citizen emails on the department’s new “fracking” rules with remarks described as rude, dismissive and condesending.
NewsChannel 5 Investigates asked Burton, “Did you write stupid on some of these comments?”
“I did,” he admitted.
Why did he do that?
“It was a time of frustration and I vented my frustrations on paper,” he answered.
Burton said that his notes were never meant to be public and he apologizes.
“Do you think people opposed to fracking are stupid?” NewsChannel 5 Investigates asked.
“No, not at all,” Burton responded.
One of the comments he underlined and called stupid claims hydraulic fracturing has left “homes and farms abandoned, livestock gone” in other states.
NewsChannel 5 Investigates asked, “What’s wrong with that comment?”
“There’s no recorded incident of that happening anywhere in the United States because of fracking,” Burton responded.
But, in Louisiana, 17 cows died after coming in direct contact with hydraulic fracturing fluid

Knox Finance Director, Facing Indictment, Fired

Newly appointed Knox County Finance Director Burton Webb was fired Friday after officials discovered the former developer had been indicted on a theft charge in Kentucky with a warrant issued for his arrest.
From the News Sentinel report:
“I spoke with Burton and we discussed the issue and the fact that it was bigger than either one of us realized at the time he was hired, and he will no longer be employed by Knox County,” Mayor Tim Burchett said. “He remains a friend, and I hope he can work through these issues quickly.”
A grand jury in Washington County, Ky., indicted Webb in late February for theft by failure to make required disposition of property over $10,000. According to the indictment, Webb received the money in late November but didn’t use it for its intended purposes.
Burchett hired Webb on March 26 to replace John Troyer as finance director.
The mayor said Friday he didn’t know Webb was under indictment at the time in Kentucky.
Washington County resident and businessman Will Singleton said Friday he hired Webb last fall to build a $147,000 log cabin. He said he paid Webb between $22,000 and $26,000 to provide and install the home’s windows and doors. Webb, he said, never delivered and instead used the money to pay another construction crew for “tongue and groove” work.
Webb, of Athens, Tenn., owned Tennessee Log and Timber Homes before shutting it down early this year.