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Sunday Column: Haslam Kinda, Sorta Taking Stands

As Bill Haslam might say, frankly, I’m not convinced that our governor is ready to apply the brakes to fellow Republicans who are pushing an incredibly aggressive conservative agenda in the Legislature.
But, on the other hand, given his gentle nature, some of the things he’s been saying lately could be seen as a top-to-bottom review of potentially adjusting foot position below the dashboard of state government. Even if it’s incredibly difficult. Maybe.
OK. That’s a bit of exaggeration on gubernatorial lingo. He does, however, repeatedly begin sentences with “I’m not sure that ” or “I’m not convinced that ” or “I don’t know that’ in the course of avoiding a definitive declaration on his position.

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Haslam on Economy: ‘It’s like somebody threw the brakes on’

Gov. Bill Haslam threw the latest sobering splash of cold water on economic expectations Friday, predicting the state’s economic growth in the next two years will be no better than 3 percent as it struggles to get past the recession, reports Mike Morrow.
I don’t think we’ll see a double-dip recession,” Haslam said. “But I think we’re going to bump along on basically flat growth for the next few months.
“Everything I see says there’s not a whole lot of confidence out there.”
Haslam pointed to two particular factors that have had a negative effect — the new federal health care plan and the recent battle in Washington over the federal debt ceiling.
“I make a point of asking businesses, ‘How’s it going?'” Haslam said. “Up through June, it was pretty good, and our sales tax numbers up through June were good, too. And right about the first of July, it’s like somebody threw the brakes on. I heard that from retailers, distributors, manufacturers, all across the board.”

Note: Sen. Stacey Campfield has deemed Haslam’s remarks “malaise speech”