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Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Maury County

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit claiming the Maury County Sheriff’s Department exceeded its authority and violated a Columbia man’s rights after he was arrested for a traffic violation in January 2011, then transported to the custody of immigration officials in Nashville, according to the Columbia Daily Herald.
Chief U.S. District Judge William J. Haynes Jr. entered an order of summary judgment Friday on behalf of Maury County, dismissing the lawsuit brought in January 2012 by Victor Manuel Ramirez-Mendoza. Haynes’ order was accompanied by a 14-page memorandum exploring the constitutional issues raised by Ramirez-Mendoza and explaining why the case would not go to trial.
The lawsuit originally also claimed that General Sessions Judge Bobby Sands had violated Ramirez-Mendoza’s constitutional rights by commenting in court on his ethnic origins. It alleged that during a public hearing, Sands said “it’ll be better to send him to Mexico, because he’s costing us a lot of money here.”
But Sands was dropped from the lawsuit last July after court audio and transcripts showed he had made no such comment. “The court records show that the court was more than fair and considerate, and I was stunned by the lawsuit,” Sands said at the time. “In my opinion, it was highly professionally irresponsible.

Former Rep. Bobby Wood Heads Fleischmann ‘Grassroots Team’

News release from Chuck Fleischmann campaign:
CHATTANOOGA – The Chuck Fleischmann for Congress campaign has announced their grassroots team. The campaign’s grassroots team is comprised of an overall campaign chairman, a chairperson in each of the 11 counties, and an online team that is helping to connect supporters across the District.
“Our campaign has assembled a strong grassroots team, and I am thankful for all of their support. I have heard from folks all throughout the District that they want someone like me representing them in Congress – a small businessman who will stand up to President Obama, government regulators, and out-of-control spending. I have done that throughout my first term in Congress, and I look forward to working with these folks as we continue to fight for Tennessee values in Washington,” Fleischmann said.
“In challenging times there is something to be said of one who has been in the arena and has fought the battle. Chuck Fleischmann has proven himself to be a dedicated and tireless leader that carries his District’s work ethic and conservative values to the floor of Congress. He is a recognized leader,” Campaign Chairman Bobby Wood said.

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Jindal on Disciplining the Saints, Beating Obama

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal visited Kingsport over the weekend and talked some sports as well as politics. Here’s the Hank Hayes report:
Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal called for across-the-board fairness amid discipline imposed on the New Orleans Saints professional football team by the National Football League for violations of the league’s “Bounty” rule.
“We found out about it in the news just like everybody else,” Jindal said of the NFL’s ruling on the Saints before speaking at the Sullivan County GOP Reagan Day Dinner Thursday night.

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