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Young, Old Republicans Split on Same-Sex Marriage?

Excerpt from a Bloomberg article on the culture clash between young and older Republicans over same sex marriage:
Even in Tennessee, which banned gay marriage by constitutional amendment in 2006 with the support of 81 percent of voters, there are signs of change. Vanderbilt University released a poll May 12 showing 49 percent of those surveyed favored either same-sex marriage or civil unions. Among those under 30, support ran at 69 percent.
“The whole country is moving toward gay rights broadly,” said John Geer, chairman of political science at Vanderbilt, who oversees the poll. “Tennessee is part of that, not in the same place as Massachusetts but moving in the same direction.”
And young adults are driving the change. John Della Volpe, director of polling at Harvard’s Institute of Politics, said surveys of millenials — people born between 1980 and 2000 — showed they either favored recognizing same-sex marriage or said they didn’t care by a ratio of 3-to-1.
“This is saying that 26 percent of young Americans don’t believe it should be recognized,” Della Volpe said. “This demographic group that we are polling is the largest generation in the history of America, larger than Baby Boomers, most are of age and they will continue to become a more important force in elections.”
…(State Sen. Stacey) Campfield, in an e-mail response to questions, said he questioned the premise that attitudes on the issue had shifted.
”When put on the actual ballot, homosexual marriage has seldom passed on its own and I think has only passed by ballot initiative in small-population, liberal states,” he wrote. ”As for youth polling, young people often say and do things completely different when they actually grow up, get a real job, begin paying taxes and start trying to raise a family.”
”If we left all decisions up to youth polling,” he wrote, ”’beer pong’ would be an Olympic sport.”

Memphis Will Use Bloomberg’s Money to Fight Handgun Violence

Mayor A C Wharton says he’ll use the $4.8 million that he’s getting from the private foundation of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to help reduce handgun violence in Memphis and spur economic development in the inner city, reports the Commercial Appeal.
The money will pay for “innovation teams” to focus on reviving blighted or abandoned properties in the city core and to approach the problem of handgun violence as a public health crisis, Wharton said.
Memphis is one of five cities splitting a $24 million grant as part of the Mayors Project, a government innovation program of Bloomberg Philanthropies.
“Mayors are uniquely positioned to tackle some of our most pressing challenges — from growing jobs to fighting climate change to keeping quality of life high,” Bloomberg said.
The $4.8 million grant requires a 50 percent local match, which would bring the total to $7.2 million. Kerry Hayes, special assistant to the mayor, said a “precise breakdown of public/private sources” for the $2.4 million match hasn’t been determined.