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On a Republican tweeter, Democratic response in House District 13

So, blogger Brian Hornbeck (a former chairman of the Knox County Republican party) sent a tweet on state Rep. Gloria Johnson that was likely not intended to generate support for her reelection. The House Democratic Caucus responds with a news release, distributed to Knoxville media, declaring it an insult to women and House District 13 voters generally. And Hornbeck has a snippy response.

Such is the level of debate in Tennessee legislative campaigns today, it seems.

The tweet:
“The difference in House Dist. 13. A husband, father, businessman @voteeddiesmith –vs- not a wife, a mother, a bureaucrat. @VoteGloriaJ”

The HDC news release:
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (10/14/14) – House Democratic Leader Craig Fitzhugh called on the Tennessee Republican Party and Eddie Smith to disavow recent attacks made on State Representative Gloria Johnson by prominent GOP operative Brian Hornback.

“Gloria Johnson is a strong, successful woman,” said Leader Fitzhugh. “She takes care of her elderly Mother, she is a loving aunt of four, a sister and like all school teachers, she’s been a mother to more than one child.”

Earlier today Brian Hornback, a well-known GOP operative and blogger, took to twitter to criticize Rep. Johnson for being “not a wife, not a mother, a bureaucrat.” This is the latest in a series of false and misleading GOP attacks in the district 13 race.

“Eddie Smith and the Tennessee Republican Party should disavow this attack today. They have done nothing but throw mud at Rep. Johnson for the last two years, but this is beyond the pale. It’s insulting to Gloria, it’s insulting to women as a whole and it’s insulting to the voters of district 13.”

Excerpt from Hornback’s comeback:
What is factually wrong with my tweet, Smith is married to Mrs. Lana Keck Smith, he is a father to a daughter and son and he is a businessman. Johnson to my knowledge is NOT married, does not have children and is a school teacher which is a government employee aka bureaucrat.

…For the record, I did not criticize her for not being a wife and mother, just the fact (not a criticism) that she isn’t. There is still time for Gloria to find Mr. Right and get married. But if she doesn’t that is cool. It is her life.

I welcome the readership of the Democrats, appreciate the presser as it will provide additional name recognition of this website to the 3% of the state that are Fitzhugh, Johnson fans.

Um, as the Fox News folks used to say, We report, you decide. Or something like that.

Bloggers ‘Blitzoid’ Over Occupy Nashville Arrests

Blogger watcher Micheal Silence on Internet observations of Occupy Nashville:
There’s an old adage: “Don’t swat a hornet’s nest.”
That’s what the state of Tennessee did when it told a group of Occupy Nashville participants to get off public property, in this case the Legislative Plaza. Apparently, state officials thought the saying was “swat a hornet’s nest.”
The Tennessee blogosphere went blitzoid. As of this writing, there were more 5,400 people following @occupynashville on Twitter. From Mountain City to Memphis people sounded off on the controversy.