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Bills Signed by Governor, 5/23/12

The following is a list of bills recently signed into law by Gov. Bill Haslam, as provided by his communications office 5/23/12. It apparently completes the signing of legislation generated by the 107th General Assembly.
Senate Bill No. 239 (Norris)
This Bill extends the time period for the Historic Collierville new specialty earmarked license plate to meet applicable initial issuance requirement to July 1, 2013.
(Passed House 89-0; Passed Senate 33-0; Senate concurred in House amendment)
Senate Bill No. 420 (Massey)
This Bill creates a two-year pilot program in Knox County for a maximum of 10 mental health patients to receive a court ordered assisted outpatient treatment when certain conditions are met.
(Passed Senate 29-0; Amended Bill passed House 85-0; Senate concurred in House amendments)
Senate Bill 1325 (Johnson)
This is the SAVE bill that requires every state government entity and local health department to verify that a person is a U.S. citizen or lawfully present in the United States when the person is eighteen (18) years or older and applies for a federal, state, or local public benefit.
(Passed Senate as Amended 30-2; Passed House as Amended 71-19; Senate Refused to Concur in House Amendments; House Refused to Recede from its Noncurrence; Conference Committee Report Adopted by the Senate 29-1; Conference Committee Reported Adopted by the House 64-18)

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Bills Signed by Governor, 5/16/12

Here is a new list of bills signed into law by Gov. Bill Haslam, as provided by the governor’s office today:
Senate Bill No. 1180 (Gresham, Summerville)
This bill requires the Tennessee Higher Education Commission to create and submit the “Tennessee Postsecondary Education Fact Book” which shall be an annual report on the condition of Tennessee higher education submitted to the Governor and the General Assembly
(Passed Senate as Amended 32-0; Amended Bill Passed House 93-0)
Senate Bill No. 2225 (Norris, Watson)
This Administration Bill for the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities states that the DIDD has jurisdiction and control over the intellectual and developmental disability facilities of the state, regardless of the names by which the facilities are known.
(Passed Senate as Amended 31-0; Amended Bill Passed House 96-0)
Senate Bill No. 2604 (Beavers, Roberts)
This bill states that if a person is not lawfully present in the United States and causes a traffic accident that results in either the death or serious bodily injury of a person while driving without a valid driver license and evidence of financial responsibility, the court may deem the defendant a flight risk when determining the amount of his bail.
(Passed Senate as Amended 26-2; Amended Bill Passed House 84-10)

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Bill Signing Briefs

Tattooing Kids
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A proposal that seeks to crack down on the tattooing of minors has been signed into law by Gov. Bill Haslam.
The measure, signed by the Republican governor this week, unanimously passed the Senate 31-0 and was approved 86-6 in the House.
The law makes it illegal for anyone who is unlicensed to possess tattooing paraphernalia. The measure also encourages reporting incidents of underage tattooing to the Health Department. Those making the report might be a police officer or someone in education, such as a teacher or school resource officer.
Currently, a person under 18 cannot get a tattoo. A 16-year-old can be tattooed to cover up an existing tattoo, but only if a parent or guardian is present.
Opting Out of Extracurricular Activities
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Gov. Bill Haslam has signed a measure that allows parents to opt their children out of extracurricular school activities.
Under the legislation, schools would notify parents about the activities “by way of student handbooks or policy guidebooks.”
Sponsors have said those parents who don’t want their children to participate in a certain activity can send a note to the school.
The legislation unanimously passed the Senate 31-0 and was approved 75-14 in the House.
Memphis Schools Bill No. 2
Gov. Bill Haslam signed into law today the lesser of two bills lawmakers approved regarding the establishment of new municipal school districts in the Memphis suburbs, reports Richard Locker.
Senate Bill 2908 by Sen. Mark Norris, R-Collierville, lifts the ban on the creation of new municipal school districts in the section of Tennessee law governing municipal governments, effective with the transfer of administration of Memphis City Schools to the Shelby County board of education in August 2013. That’s the same time the ban will be lifted under the provisions of last year’s “Norris-Todd Act,” or Public Chapter 1, but that measure lifted the ban in the section of Tennessee law governing education, not the section on municipal governments.
Norris told the Senate last month when the bill passed that SB 2908 “doesn’t change any deadlines or accelerate anything,” but rather cross-references and clarifies the lifting of the ban in a separate section of Tennessee Code overlooked last year. The governor last week signed into law the more important of this year’s two bills on the issue: House Bill 1105

Bills Signed by Governor, 5/15/12

House Bill No. 182 (Sargent, Montgomery)
This Bill adds sections of the code related to operating and maintaining ice skating rinks.
Passed House as Amended 75-15, present not voting-1; Passed Senate as Amended 29-2 ; House Concurred in Senate Amendment 90-0
House Bill No. 1376 (Todd, Lollar, White)
This bill amends the current municipal gas system tax equivalent law.
Passed House Amended 64-25, present not voting -7; Amended Bill Passed Senate 20-3, present not voing-1
House Bill No. 1572 (Swann, Tidwell)
This bill enacts the “Tennessee Prescribed Burning Act.”
Passed House as Amended 95-1; Passed Senate as Amended 30-0; House Concurred in Senate Amendment 95-2

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Bills Signed by Governor, 5/11/12

Here is a list of bills signed into law by Gov. Bill Haslam, as released by his communications office on May 11, 2012:
House Bill No. 1105 (Montgomery)
This Bill requires local boards of education to develop and implement a plan that will be used to evaluate the local director of schools each year.
Passed House 90-4; Amended Bill Passed Senate 20-8, present not voting-2; House non-concurred in Senate amendment; Senate refused to recede from amendment; House refused to recede from its non-concurrence; Conference committee report adopted by the House 61-25, present not voting-2; Conference Committee report adopted by the Senate 21-10, present not voting-1
Senate Bill No. 2253 (Norris, Yager, Crowe, Burks, Herron, Massey, Overbey)
This is an administration bill that is referred to as the Tennessee Prescription Safety Act of 2012.
Passed Senate as Amended 33-0; Amended Bill Passed House 87-0

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TN Legislature Really Is Taking Care of Business

Actions of the 107th General Assembly, recently adjourned, establish that businesses generally have reached a new peak of political power in our state.
Probably the most prominent illustration came when the business lobby locked horns with the Second Amendment lobby over whether employees should be able to keep guns in their locked cars in the company parking lot, even if the company prohibits firearms on premises.
The “Safe Commute Act,” as the National Rifle Association and the Tennessee Firearms Association called it, was the subject of a vigorous and intense push – including a TFA threat to politically crucify those voting no. The business lobby pushed back with less rhetorical bombast but equal vigor.
Maybe the whole thing – pitting individual gun rights against business property rights — was largely symbolic. But legislators took it seriously and business won.
Beyond the symbolic, examples abound of legislators in the Republican majority making Tennessee, already rated at the top of business-friendly lists, even more business friendly.

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List of Key Bills That Failed in the 2012 Legislature

By the Associated Press
Here is a list of some of the legislation that failed in this year’s legislative session:
ANTI-DISCRIMINATION LIMITS: Repealing a ban on local governments from enacting stricter anti-discrimination standards than the state. SB2762.
ATTORNEY GENERAL: Proposed amendment to constitution to have governor appoint the attorney general. SJR0693.
BI-ANNUAL SESSION: Holding legislative sessions only every other year. HB2785.
BIGGER CUT FOOD TAX: Requiring state to make cuts in sales tax on groceries if state has surplus revenues. SB3666.
CLASS SIZE: Lifting the cap on average class sizes at public schools. SB2210.
COLLEGES-RELIGIOUS GROUPS: Banning colleges from enacting nondiscrimination policies on student religious groups. SB3597. (Vetoed by Gov. Bill Haslam)

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AP List of Key Bills Approved in 2012 Legislature

By the Associated Press
Here is a list of some of the legislation that has been approved by the Legislature this year:
ABORTION DOCTORS: Requires physicians to have hospital privileges in the home or adjacent county of woman seeking abortion. HB3808.
AMAZON SALES TAX: Requires Amazon.com to begin collecting Tennessee sales taxes in 2014. HB2370.
BATH SALTS: Makes it a felony to sell synthetic drugs known as bath salts. HB2286.
BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS: Allows governor to appoint heads of boards, including Tennessee Higher Education Commission. HB2387.
CASH GRANTS: Creates more ways for state to give cash grants to companies investing in Tennessee. HB2344.

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Session on Sex, Guns and Government Overhaul

By Erik Schelzig, Associated Press
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Tennessee lawmakers have concluded the 107th General Assembly that was dominated by debates over guns, classroom instruction about sex and Gov. Bill Haslam’s efforts to overhaul state government operations.
It wasn’t until the House and Senate speakers banged the gavel to adjourn late Tuesday that it was certain that a measure pitting gun rights advocates against business groups was dead for the year.
The measure backed by the National Rifle Association sought to allow employees to keep firearms in their vehicles on company property, no matter the company’s policy.
Haslam and other Republican leaders said the bill was too broad for not providing exceptions for university and school campuses, or for large employers like FedEx or Volkswagen. Despite heavy pressure throughout the session to shelve the measure, supporters moved the bill to the verge of floor votes in both chambers before finally abandoning the effort.

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Bills Signed by Governor, 5/1/12




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Here’s the latest list of bills signed into law by Gov. Bill Haslam, as provided by his communications office:

House Bill No. 3874 (Swann)

This bill
creates the Smoky Mt. Tourism Board, composed of 10 directors, for Blount
County, Alcoa and Maryville and allocates a portion of the Blount County
occupancy tax to the Board.

Passed House
88-1, present not voting-3 ; Passed Senate 28-0


House Bill No. 3175 (Shipley)

This bill
defines a controlled substance analogue as a pill or other substance that has
the stimulant, depressant, or hallucinogenic effect on the central nervous
system of a controlled substance and the chemical structure which is a derivative
of a controlled substance.

Passed House
as Amended 94-0; Amended Bill Passed Senate 33-0

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