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Clergy for Justice: Ag Gag Bill ‘Is Evil and Against God’s Will’

News release from Clergy for Justice:
Clergy for Justice Tennessee, a grassroots organization of religious leaders across Tennessee committed to seeking justice in public policy, hand-delivered a letter from its members and supporters to Governor Haslam’s office, urging the Governor to veto a bill designed to prevent the exposure of animal abuse in horse stables and agriculture facilities.
Over 300 clergy members and people of faith have added their voices to the chorus of groups across the state, urging Governor Bill Haslam to veto Tennessee’s notorious “ag gag” bill. Senate Bill 1248, which would criminalize the investigation of animal cruelty and other illegal or unethical activity at agriculture operations while shielding animal agribusiness from public scrutiny, narrowly passed the Legislature. It is now on its way to Governor Bill Haslam’s office to be vetoed or signed into law.
“Genesis 1 tells us that everything on the earth has been created by God, and that God has commanded humans to care for the animals,” said Kathy Chambers, Director of Clergy for Justice Tennessee. “Far too often they are subject to abuse which causes unthinkable suffering, clearly violating that mandate. As people of faith, we are called to speak out against injustice and cruelty in whatever forms they might take. Thus, we urge Governor Haslam to stand with people of faith across the state and veto this bill.”
In 2011, an undercover investigation into renowned Tennessee walking horse trainer Jackie McConnell’s stable in Collierville, Tennessee revealed egregious cruelty to horses. A whistleblower documented horses being whipped, kicked, shocked, and subjected to painful soring using caustic chemicals on their legs.

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Knoxville No. 1 for Bibles Nationwide (Chattanooga close)

Knoxville has topped the list of U.S. cities that embrace the Bible, according to a newly released ranking from the American Bible Society, according to the News Sentinel.
The survey finds Knoxville residents have the highest combined levels of regular Bible reading and belief in the Bible’s accuracy. Three other Tennessee cities ranked in the top 25, including Chattanooga (#3), Nashville (#14) and Memphis (#23).
Conducted by Barna Group, the study analyzes 96 geographic regions across the U.S. The Bible Belt region performed strongly, while Colorado Springs, Colo., deemed the No. 1 “holiest city” by Men’s Health two years ago, fell to the middle of the pack. A closer look at the findings shows a trend related to population density. Of the top 25 Bible-minded markets, only three have a population of greater than 1 million households: Charlotte, N.C.; Nashville; and Raleigh/Durham, N.C.

Bible Distribution Halted in White County Schools

Schools in White County will ban the Gideons from distributing Bibles to students in classrooms, according to a deal announced Monday by the American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee. So reports the Tennessean.
Hedy Weinberg, executive director for ACLU-TN, said her organization received a complaint that members of the Gideons handed out Bibles last month at Doyle Elementary School in Doyle, about 100 miles east of Nashville.
The Gideons came into the classroom, and students were invited up to get a Bible if they wanted one. A student said she didn’t want to take one but felt pressured to do so.
Her mother later complained to school officials and then to the ACLU, according to a statement from the civil liberties group. The Gideons, a nonprofit ministry based in Nashville, did not respond to a request for comment.
Weinberg said she was pleased that the White County Schools had agreed to stop the Bible distributions.