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On Andy Jackson, the ‘Melting Pot’ Army, and the Battle of New Orleans

The News Sentinel takes a trip down Tennessee history lane with a Steven Harris story on Andrew Jackson and the Battle of New Orleans, which includes commentary from a descendant of Andy and Rachel Jackson’s adopted son and various scholarly people. A recommended read for history buffs.
“It is really cool to know that you are related to someone who played such an important role in not only Tennessee history, but American history,” said Knox County General Sessions Court Judge Andrew Jackson VI, the great-great-great grandson of the former president.
Jackson VI has visited the site, which is now just a field, just outside New Orleans and likes to reflect on what it was like 198 years ago for his ancestor to deal with the preparations and the fighting.
“His army was a true melting pot army in that he had regular army, militia, frontiersmen that were volunteering, Indians, freed blacks and even pirates,” Jackson VI said. “You had everybody fighting the British in that army.
“I always thought that could show you what can happen in this country when you have everybody working together toward a common goal, because they sure did beat the tar out of the British.”
…Prior to the War of 1812, Tennessee was regarded as a frontier state and a non-factor on the national scene, according to Brown.
At the call of Gov. Willie Blount, some 3,000 volunteer soldiers joined the Tennessee militia, which in turn was to join the members of the U.S. Army in the southern theater, which involved a subset of the War of 1812 known as the Creek War.
This action first earned the state its nickname as the Volunteer state.
“Had Tennessee not participated in the southern fighting, there is no doubt the war might have taken a different direction,” said Tom Kanon, an archivist at the Tennessee State Library and Archives.
“Most of the fighting in the so-called Creek War was performed by Tennesseans, even though the overall plan called for a coordinated effort between some of the other Southern states and territories and federal troops. Although the ultimate outcome would probably have been the same, Tennessee sped up the process by conducting aggressive campaigns into the Creek Nation and ending the conflict by March 1814.”

Gov Atwitter for TN Business

Gov. Bill Haslam has spent the last few months trying to convince voters to re-elect Republicans to the Legislature, but now he’s urging people to cast another vote — that Tennessee is the best for business.
Further from TNReport:
The election is part of CNBC’s Top States Twitter Battle which asks people to weigh in on which states have got it going on for business.
“Buying American-made products often means buying something made in Tennessee,” said Haslam, who bragged that the Volunteer State “never gave up on manufacturing and our skilled workforce.”
“So now, the world comes to Tennessee to do business,” he said.
Tennesseans make an array of globally renown consumable and durable goods, from candy to cars, “and a little Jack Daniel’s whiskey, too,” Haslam said. “We also make a little music around here.”
“If you can buy it, we can ship it,” added the governor, referencing Amazon and FedEx.
The news channel will release its own study evaluating which states are the best for business Tuesday, followed Friday with the winner of the Twitter Battle. Tweeps have until Friday, July 12 to tweet with the hashtag #TopStateTN to cast their vote.

State Provides $500K to Franklin Civil War Site

Franklin’s Civil War-themed city park got a jolt of $500,000 Wednesday, pushing a long-planned project closer to one day becoming the tourist haven its supporters contend it will be, according to the Tennessean.
Standing on the Carnton Plantation museum’s porch, Gov. Bill Haslam announced the money as part of a state road enhancement grant, touting its importance to tourism and quality of life.
“We choose these enhancement grants very selectively,” Haslam said. “We always do it with the idea of ‘How can we add to the quality of life?’ We’re confident this project does that.”
Franklin will spend a little more than $300,000 beyond the state grant to build an access road off Lewisburg Pike. Officials estimate more than 40,000 visitors annually.
Purchased for $5 million in 2006, the eastern flank of the Battle of Franklin park is a former golf course that adjoins the Carnton Plantation property off Lewisburg Pike.