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Phony drivers’ licenses flood bars (but not voting precincts?)

Phony drivers’ licenses from overseas have swamped bars and clubs around the University of Tennessee campus — so many some bars now ask for two kinds of identification, reports the News Sentinel. For teenagers, they’re a license to drink and to party.
For police and for bar owners, they’re a neverending headache.
“I’ve seen trained law enforcement officers look at them and not spot the difference,” said Trevor Hill, owner of The Hill bar on Forest Avenue in Fort Sanders. “We’ve gotten them from different states and from 12 or 14 countries. It’s rampant on campus. My collection right now’s right around 300, and that’s not counting what we’ve turned over to the police. I’d say we’ll take up several hundred more in the first month of school.”
…ID Chief, the leading forger, operates from China and advertises its bogus wares on a website based in the Philippines.
Each fake comes with a duplicate for emergencies.
“If you lose one, you don’t have to pay for another,” the site explains.
Pick a name, state and address. Scan and send a photo and clear copy of your signature. Fill out the order form and pay by credit card or money order, then sit back and allow up to 10 business days for shipping.
Don’t worry about what happens to your personal information.A pair of fakes cost $200. Three pairs go for $600.Find enough friends and get a price break — special discounts for 10 or more. The site offers Christmas, Halloween and back-to-school sales

Real Bars Became Legal in Tennessee Last Year (if you didn’t notice)

The Tennessean has a feature story on how real bars are now legal in Tennessee, thanks to a law passed back in the 106th General Assembly.
Now a new state law is giving (Nashville bar operator Ruble) Sanderson and other business owners the chance to legally operate their establishments without penalty as they essentially were intended to be: as bars. Saloons, pubs, watering holes, taverns. Until now — and probably unbeknownst to most social drinkers — all were illegal in Tennessee.
“They were stupid and archaic rules that we are glad to see go,” said Sanderson, who, along with his wife, Brenda, owns Legends Corner, Second Fiddle, The Stage on Broadway and Nashville Crossroads. “There was this tremendous pressure to get people to buy food. But that’s not why people come to our places.”
The new liquor laws, quietly passed last year by state lawmakers, for the first time allow establishments to operate as bars, selling more booze than food.
The old law required food to be the biggest single sales item for any establishment with a liquor license. The new law still requires that food be sold, but new “limited service licenses” give business owners the option of cutting their food sales to as little as 15 percent without breaking the law.

Note: Link to a story back when the bill in question was being debated before being quietly passed HERE. It was SB274 of the 106th, sponsored by Sen. Bill Ketron and Rep. Curry Todd.