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Government-based Author Better at Fiction Than Non-Fiction

Having read a fair amount of Blake Fontenay’s nonfiction writing — or at least what passes for the factual making of statements in state government circles — I was curious upon learning of his first published attempt at pure fiction.
It’s a novel titled “The Politics of Barbeque.”
Fontenay is the public relations guy for Tennessee’s three constitutional officers — the secretary of state, the state comptroller and the state treasurer. This is three times as many bosses than the typical state government employee assigned to deal with media and leaves him with the taxpayer-funded duty to write news releases on multiple fascinating topics.

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With Romney Rising in TN Polls, Santorum in ‘Game of Survivor’

From the Commercial Appeal’s Monday report on Rick Santorum’s Sunday visit to Memphis:
In comments to media after his lunch at Corky’s, Santorum sounded less like a candidate preparing for a triumphant Super Tuesday and more like one trying to keep hope alive.
“Every time you get into these races, as we’ve seen, Governor Romney goes out there and outspends you four, five, six to one. It’s going to take a toll. That’s what’s happened in pretty much all the states,” Santorum said. “That’s why you keep looking at this as a game of survivor.”
Two polls released Sunday showed that a 20-point Santorum advantage over Romney had all but evaporated, and that former House speaker Newt Gingrich was putting himself into position to compete for delegates here.
American Research Group’s poll of 600 likely Tennessee voters Thursday through Saturday put Santorum at 35 percent, Romney at 31 percent, Gingrich at 20 percent and Texas Congressman Ron Paul at 9 percent.
A Rasmussen Reports poll on Saturday of 750 likely Tennessee voters had similar results: Santorum at 34 percent, Romney at 30, Gingrich at 18 and Paul at 8.
Both polls list a margin of error of plus-or-minus 4 percent, meaning the race in Tennessee is essentially a tossup.
…Santorum said Sunday a key strategy is narrowing the relevant choices for Republican voters to Romney and one other candidate.
“Again, this race, for us to ultimately win this race, it’s going to ultimately have to narrow down to two (candidates), and I think that will happen eventually,” said Santorum.
Neither Gingrich nor Paul shows signs of surrender.