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Guns on Campus Bill Leads to Spat Between Two Republicans

By Erik Schelzig
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The demise of a bill seeking to allow faculty and staff to carry guns on the campuses of public colleges has led to a flare-up between Republican lawmakers in the Tennessee House.
Freshman Rep. Andy Holt of Dresden sent an email close to midnight Tuesday to Rep. Jim Coley of Bartlett that criticizes his fellow Republican for “acts of retaliation” last week in sending the measure to a study committee after the legislative session adjourns.
“I hope you’re still proud of your cowardly actions,” Holt wrote in the email.
Holt, who told reporters Wednesday that he has since made up with Coley, wrote in the email that the move made the House GOP caucus look “dysfunctional and incompetent.”

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