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Still More on Campfield and AIDS

So, if you’re sitting around this weekend wondering about the latest conversational developments in Sen. Stacey Campfield’s AIDS information commentary….
First, check the senator’s blog and scroll down through it a ways. Far from being cowed by caustic critics, Campfield has actively engaged them, as illustrated by posts on follow-up broadcast interviews, including videos.
A standout among them is an audio clip of a remarkable anti=Campfield diatribe that was left on his voice mail. Direct link to the audio is HERE.
Politifact Tennessee, meanwhile, has given the original Campfield comments a “pants on fire” rating in its “Truth-o-Meter.” On Saturday, it was the top item on the national Politifact website and, I understand, getting a lot of attention.
(By the way, Politifact Tennessee has also awarded a “pants on fire” to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for an attack on U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais and put up some other fresh stuff.)
An emailer, meanwhile, sends along a link to an article that begins like this:
Tennessee state senator Stacey Campfield continued his media campaign against homosexuality and discussions about gay lives in schools by appearing on the David Pakman Show.
During his 10-minute interview on Monday, Campfield seemed to indicate that insurance companies raise their rates for homosexuals. He claimed this to be true because the companies have statistics showing that gays, when compared to others, live significantly shorter lives — by a full 24 years!
Pakman asked the senator why his anti-gay politics are focused on anal sex between men.

And this, naturally, has inspired consternation among some Tennessee bloggers, including, for example, Southern Beale.
The article, with accompanying video, is HERE.