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ABC To Begin Enforcing 2006 Law Banning Pre-Mixed Drinks at Restaurants

A 2006 law that bans Tennessee restaurants from infusing alcohol with food products, even non-alcoholic beverages, will be enforced by the state Alcoholic Beverage Commission starting July 1, reports WKRN-TV.
The ban covers flavored liquor, such as infused whiskey, and pre-made mixed drinks, like margaritas.
In less than two weeks, each drink will have to be made to order when the ban by the Tennessee Alcohol and Beverage Commission (TABC) becomes effective.
The new head of the TABC, Keith Bell, plans to enforce the 2006 law. Only licensed distilleries will be able to perform the practice.
Restaurant owners like Josh Rew, who is opening a French bistro in a few weeks in Whites Creek, planned to have a produce-driven infusion cocktail on his menu. He said the new enforcement will set back Nashville’s cultural scene and could hurt his and other restaurant owners’ bottom line.
“If you are able to prep, then you can definitely get drinks out quicker. You can do higher volume, which means your profit margin goes up. People are happier, more word of mouth, and it definitely snow balls, but it could snowball in the other direction as well,” said Rew of the up and coming Chelsea Bistro.
The TABC cites health and safety concerns when restaurants infuse alcohol

And, from WPLN:
In an email, the commission says despite what some people fear, the rule does not apply to drinks like margaritas or sangria. But Nashville lawyer Will Cheek warns restaurants that infuse liquors don’t want to risk having their license pulled.
“If you’ve got pineapple and fruit sitting in a vat of vodka, you need to be pulling that stuff out–it needs to be gone by July 1st.”

Ketron Would Curb ABC’s Drug Enforcement Authority

State Sen. Bill Ketron is sponsoring legislation that would remove drug enforcement authority from the Alcoholic Beverage Commission and place it under the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, according to the Daily News Journal.
Senate Bill 3358, which clarifies several ABC-related laws, would remove the commission’s ability to enforce Tennessee’s felony laws dealing with marijuana. It also would take away the authority of ABC officers to make felony drug arrests in establishments selling alcoholic beverages.
Ketron said he proposed the bill to remove the ABC from its role with the Governor’s Task Force on Marijuana Eradication, which makes drug busts and cuts down pot grown in isolated places across the state.
“I was trying to look at how we can reduce costs,” Ketron said. The Murfreesboro Republican said he believes it would be more efficient to shift ABC’s law enforcement powers dealing with marijuana eradication to Ed Jones, assistant commissioner of TBI.
Ketron said he filed the legislation before a news report last week about marijuana possibly being found at the home of ABC Executive Director Danielle Elks