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House beats Senate in corny competition

House Speaker Beth Harwell’s team defeated Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey’s team for the second year in a corn shelling competition held as part of “Agriculture Day on the Hill. This follows two years of House team victories in milking contests that were the standard before “Ag Day” became corny competition for the House and Senate.

From the Tennessean’s account:

House Speaker Beth Harwell and her bipartisan team of corn shellers have got a good thing going.

The three-member team, including Harwell and Reps. Jeremy Faison, R-Cosby, and John Mark Windle, D-Livingston, narrowly edged a Senate team led by Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey to retain a golden trophy commemorating the annual competition.

Although Harwell lost a coin toss resulting in her team going first, her squad bested Ramsey’s, which included Sens. Mike Bell, R-Riceville, and Frank Niceley, R-Strawberry Plains — who was wearing coveralls on top of his regular garb — after shelling 16 pounds of corn. The Senate team, who jokingly accused Harwell’s team of cheating in last year’s competition, managed to shell 15.8 pounds.

Note: Cheating allegations are nothing new to House-Senate contests, both during “Ag Day” and otherwise. A post on the Ag Day scandal of 2012 is HERE.

Sunday column: A surplus fantasy

A midwinter fantasy news story:

NASHVILLE — Gov. Bill Haslam has proposed a special “Spend Our Surplus” lottery, allowing five lucky Tennesseans to each designate how $100 million in state revenue overcollections will be allocated in the coming fiscal year.

“This is part of the new normal, where Tennessee is different and we can believe in better,” said Haslam. “It will bring Tennesseans together, providing a new opportunity for everyone with $5 to have an equal chance at allocating state funds rather than leaving a handful of folks, including me and state legislators, to make decisions.”

Under the plan, all citizens will be able to purchase tickets for $5 each starting Feb. 1, and Rebecca Hargrove, chief executive officer of the Tennessee Education Lottery Inc., will oversee a drawing on April 15 to select five lucky numbers. Each winner will then designate how $100 million of $500 million in available surplus revenue will be spent.
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