On Mike Smith, TN-raised presidential candidate

In an interview with the News Sentinel, independent presidential candidate Mike Smith — a Colorado Springs, Colo., attorney who was raised in Knoxville — acknowledges little chance of winning but says voters need more options.

“I’m unhappy with my choices in this presidential election and my question is, ‘what are you going to do about it?’ We’re not bound to vote for a Republican or a Democrat,” Smith said.

…He went to Carson-Newman University in Jefferson City for his undergraduate work, then got a master’s degree in 2002 from the University of Tennessee in human performance and sport studies with a concentration in sports management. Then, he said, he earned a law degree from Liberty University in Virginia and practiced law in Tennessee before moving to Colorado in 2012.

He opened Veritas Law Firm in 2014.

In addition to being on the Tennessee and Colorado ballots, Smith said he’s working to run as a write-in option in 30 states.

“It is a long shot, but growing up in East Tennessee, I’ve seen a few Hail Marys,” he said.

Although he’s calling himself an independent, Smith, a former Republican, said he still holds many beliefs that align with conservatives.

He breaks from Republican nominee Donald Trump on a few points. Smith sees building a wall on the Mexican border as an unfeasible, unrealistic way of handling immigration. And he said he believes Trump’s answer to the Affordable Care Act is a rehash of that same plan.
“His stances change frequently,” Smith said.