Terry makes challenger tweets an issue in House District 48

There’s a social media battle underway in the campaign for House District 48, reports the Murfreesboro Post. Republican Rep. Bryan Terry is criticizing Democratic challenger Justin Miller for old tweets and Miller calling for Terry to stay above board and debate him publicly.

Terry, 47, an anesthesiologist in his first two-year term, recently wrote a post on his website contending Miller, in a tweet, proclaimed he “has watched enough ‘House’ reruns to be a real pain to the next doctor he sees” and accuses him of joking about “serious, life-threatening medical conditions.”

Terry also says Miller is similar to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in that he “deletes data and information that could be detrimental to his campaign and tried to hide it from voters.”

The incumbent argues that while he can run on his voting record, his opponent just registered this year to vote and contends his series of statements reveals the type of representation he could bring.

“Whether he was joking or immature, it is his record, and I’m not sure anyone holding public office would have that record,” Terry says via email.

In response, Miller sent out a statement saying he refuses to get personal in his campaign and challenges Terry to join him in four debates.

Miller, 30, a purchasing agent for a national horse health company in Franklin, calls Terry’s statements about saying he’s not qualified for the state House because of 2-year-old tweets on a personal Twitter account “grandstanding and ridiculous.”

Terry’s blog “says more about his campaign and unwillingness to talk about issues” than anything, Miller contends.

“I’ll take him to task over his legislative record and taking PAC and special interest money,” Miller says, noting he’s not going to get into a “back-and-forth” over Twitter comments Terry took out of context.

In one of those last year, Miller acknowledges using a derogatory term for sports commentator Colin Cowherd who, after a listener told him paying student-athletes could hurt football program’s such as MTSU’s, said, “Screw Middle Tennessee State. Screw ’em. We don’t need ’em” as part of a rant.

Miller, who closed his Twitter account except to certain followers, says Terry’s cherry-picking of his personal Twitter account “to form a political attack, honestly, blows my mind.”

Asked whether he would debate Miller, Terry says his opponent might be unaware the League of Women Voters usually holds a forum.