Feds now investigating Durham’s campaign finances

Federal prosecutors have opened an investigation into campaign expenditures by embattled Franklin Rep. Jeremy Durham, according to The Tennessean.

Nashville criminal defense attorney Peter Strianse said he was recently retained by Durham.

“The U.S. attorney’s office in Nashville has opened up a matter based on the allegations that were carried in your newspaper,” he said. “I think the government has an open mind about what they’re investigating.”

The federal government has issued two subpoenas to Durham for records related to campaign finance issues and a possible tax violation, Strianse said. He said Durham was complying with those orders.

“Mr. Durham’s going to cooperate fully with their investigation,” Strianse said. “We feel confident once they take a look at the records and understand what happened they’ll see there’s no violation of any law.”

…In June, Drew Rawlins, executive director of the bureau, told The Tennessean it violates state law to use campaign funds for personal purposes.

On Monday, Rawlins confirmed that he talked to the U.S. Attorney but did not provide them with any information from the state’s audit.

“We will not stop our audit because of the U.S. Attorney’s probe,” Rawlins said.