TNGOP chooses slate of 11 presidential electors

The Tennessee Republican Party’s State Executive Committee has chosen a slate of 11 members of the national Electoral College for the formal process of choosing the nation’s next president following the November election. The Republican slate will cast the Tennessee ballots if Donald Trump carries Tennessee, as generally anticipated.

Two of the Republican electors, Joey Jacobs of Brentwood and Beth Scott Clayton Amos of Nashville, fill the slots designated for the state’s two U.S. Senate seats. The others each represent one for each the state’s nine congressional districts.

Here’s the list of electors by congressional district, as provided by TNGOP.

Congressional District 1: Jason Mumpower of Bristol.
Congressional District 2: Susan Mills of Maryville.
Congressional District 3: Liz Holiway of Harriman.
Congressional District 4: Lynne Davis of Lascassas.
Congressional District 5: Tom Lawless of Nashville.
Congressional District 6: Mike Callahan of Monterey
Congressional District 7: Pat Allen of Clarksville.
Congressional District 8: Shannon Haynes of Alamo.
Congressional District 9: Drew Daniel of Memphis.

From a TNGOP press release:

TNGOP Chairman Ryan Haynes remarked, “These people have been instrumental in the success of the Republican Party and we are proud to name them as electors to represent our state.”

These electors were officially submitted to the Tennessee Secretary of State earlier today. The meeting of the presidential electors will take place on December 19, 2016 in the House Chamber of the Tennessee Capitol.