Nashville Kaine event part of national Clinton strategy?

Politico has a story on the Clinton campaign strategy in sending vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine to red states — including Tennessee with a Nashville event scheduled next Tuesday — for fundraising. An excerpt:

“So when they’re doing routine fundraising in [traditionally Republican] states, they have the ability to do so because they don’t have to position their vice presidential candidate in battleground states in order to bracket the other ticket. They’re free to open up a new front.”

In an ideal world for the Democratic ticket, every Clinton or Kaine event in a traditionally Republican or Republican-leaning state would set off alarm bells at Trump headquarters that would have his strategists scrambling to throw their limited time and money at states other than Ohio or Florida — which he must win to even come close.

Already this week, Trump has gone so far as to hire new operatives in Georgia, a state where President Barack Obama raised money for Clinton earlier this summer, where Bill Clinton is due to do the same next week, and where leading Democrats see a real opportunity to make inroads. His team this month requested ad rates there, too, as well as in other states most Republicans have not often had to worry about defending, such as Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, and Missouri. He’s even hired a pair of operatives in South Carolina, a usually deep red state where one recent public poll showed Clinton within striking distance.
Now, pushing deeper into Republican territory, Kaine’s fundraising spree is taking him to a trio of spots that are far from traditional Democratic fundraising hubs at a time when most vice presidential contenders tend to camp out full-time in swing states rather than scouring second- or third-tier campaign finance cities.

After a public-facing campaign swing through North Carolina, Iowa, and Wisconsin earlier in the week and a stop in Missouri on Wednesday, Kaine is due for one closed-doors event in Sun Valley, Idaho and two in Jackson, Wyoming on Thursday. Following his private stops in more traditional Democratic fundraising centers — eight total events in Portland, Seattle, San Diego, Los Angeles, northern California, and the Denver suburbs by Monday — he’s scheduled to be in Little Rock, Arkansas and Nashville, Tennessee for two more on Tuesday, according to fundraiser invitations obtained by POLITICO.