Durham’s trespass charge against reporter dismissed

A misdemeanor trespassing charge brought by state Rep. Jeremy Durham against Nashville Post and Nashville Scene reporter Cari Wade Gervin has been dismissed, reports Nashville Post Politics.

“I’m glad these baseless allegations have been dropped. I look forward to once again fully focusing my attention on my job, which includes the vetting of public officials,” said Gervin after the dismissal.

Assistant District Attorney Mary Katherine White had filed charges after a May 17 confrontation at Durham’s house during which the state representative screamed at Gervin and attempted to grab her cell phone from her hand.

“It’s been a bad week for Jeremy: He’s having to answer questions about his campaign finances not being in order and now his unfounded charges against our reporter got thrown out,” said Steve Cavendish, editorial director at SouthComm and editor of the Scene. “We’re just glad the court found this all as ridiculous as we did. I only wish he hadn’t wasted taxpayers’ time and money like this.”

Further from The Tennessean:
The reporter, Cari Wade Gervin, appeared in court at the Williamson County Judicial Center for a hearing before Special Judge Ernie Williams. Assistant District Attorney General Mary Katherine White and Gervin’s lawyer, Tyler Yarbro, said the case would be dismissed.

“I have consulted with Mr. and Mrs. Durham as well,” White said in court.

Williams said both sides reached an agreement to dismiss the case and he would “certainly sign off on that.”

…Durham sat in the lobby of the courthouse with his wife, Jessica. Approached by a Tennessean reporter, he declined to comment, shaking his head and waving his hands. The couple did not attend the brief hearing, which is not unusual when charges are dropped.