Rep. Lynn’s tweeting gets critique

State Rep. Susan Lynn, who distributed anti-Muslim material in the Legislature earlier this year, now now being criticized for Twitter comments, reports WSMV TV.

Lynn retweeted a CNN article with the headline “Khizr Khan: Donald Trump has a ‘black soul.'” She added her own comment, which read, “Well if a Muslim doesn’t want Trump, then we should.”

At least one colleague isn’t happy about the post. Chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Party Mary Mancini said she was disgusted.

“I think it has a bigoted undertone against all Muslims. Absolutely 100 percent,” Mancini said. “To disparage a family who lost their son fighting for their country based on their religion, it’s the very definition of what it is to be a bigot.”

Back in April, Lynn took heat for distributing a DVD to colleagues called “America’s Mosques Exposed.”

Legislators filed a complaint, but the Mt. Juliet representative said the situation was blown out of proportion.

One month later, she posted this comment on Facebook about President Obama’s new transgender bathroom policies: “Transgenderism is a mental disorder called gender identity disorder – no one should be forced to entertain another’s mental disorder and it is not healthy for the individual with the disorder. Third, we can and we will legislatively protect children from hormone abuse …”

Channel 4 asked Lynn multiple times, via email and social media, to explain what she meant by her tweet. She sent the following email after our story aired:

Thanks for asking – who is surprised that Mancini is scouring anything she can looking for issues in Tennessee – even a hastily phrased 5 word tweet by my campaign. By the way, the tweet was taken down when brought to my attention late last night.

I saw your post on the website. Mary Mancini is not a colleague of mine – i.e. she is not a legislator. She is the chairman of the state Democrat Party – a partisan.

I am the proud mother and mother-in-law of two US soldiers who have been deployed several times to fight the war on Terror – to me they are heroes. Captain Khan is a hero, and I am personally grateful for his service and sacrifice, and very sorry for his parents loss.

Mr. Khan blasted Mr. Trump at the Democrat National Convention because of Trump’s stated policy to stop the immigration of refugees from terrorist regions until we can figure out what is going on. The reality is that we are living in dangerous times and we cannot be deterred by anyone including attempts by the Democrat National Committee and the President to embarrass us and stop us from protecting the homeland of the United States of America. Mr. Khan repudiated for Mr. Trump over the course 72 hours. Mr. Trump has nothing to do with the way … radical Islam is spreading through the world – Obama and Hillary do. Mr. Trump called his son, Captain Khan, a hero, and Trump pointed out that his policy is about protecting the United States from the violence of the radical Islamists which is the responsibility of the President of the United States to do and Mr. Trump is not deterred from that mission. Mancini is a paid employee of the Democrat party who is promoting candidates – they do not support Mr. Trump and the Democrat Party’s policies have caused radical Islam to spread across the middle east killing thousands – as pointed out by many including the FBI and retired Generals.

…Republicans stand for national security, for freedom of speech and for states rights. It is unfortunate that the Democrats continue to play politics with these issues.