Online TN poll shows Trump leading Clinton 49-33

Press release from icitizen
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (August 1, 2016) — In a new statewide poll released by civic technology company icitizen, the Republican presidential nominee is the clear favorite among registered voters in Tennessee.

“Even though the ballot currently stands at 49% Trump, 33% Clinton and 18% undecided, there is still a lot up in the air,” said Cynthia Villacis, icitizen Polling Analyst. “With almost a fifth of voters unsure of who to cast their ballot for, there’s a possibility for a more fluid and interesting race as the November general election draws closer. After the Republican National Convention, Trump led Clinton by over 10 points among Independent voters, suggesting an RNC-bump that crosses party identification.”

According to the poll, Tennessee Independents show more favor toward Trump, with 40% supporting him compared to just 23% of Independents who favor Hillary Clinton. Trump also has a stronger hold in terms of party identification in Tennessee, with 80% of Republicans supporting him compared to 80% of Democrats supporting Hillary Clinton.

In light of the racial issues that have recently dominated national headlines, just over half (51%) of Tennesseans think that racism has gotten worse over the past years. An overwhelming majority (92%) of Tennesseans believe it is dangerous to be a law enforcement officer today than it was in the past. There is, however, a lot of faith in officers, with 78% of voters expressing a “great deal of confidence” in their state and local law enforcement. More than eight in ten (82%) voters feel safe around law enforcement officers.

More than two-thirds of Tennesseans (67%) also favor the expansion of citizen oversight boards, which are boards comprised of civilians who are not affiliated with government, but are tasked with reviewing citizen complaints and proposing reforms. “This support crosses many demographic lines, including gender, race and age and is highest among Democrats, likely voters, liberals and moderates,” said Villacis. “Such favorability shows an increased interest in community-oriented civic engagement that could potentially lead to more people headed to the ballot box in November.”

Methodology: The survey was conducted online from July 25-27, 2016 among 655 adults statewide, including 531 registered voters. In order to achieve an accurate demographic representation of the public, the data were sampled and weighted to U.S. Census benchmarks for gender, age, region, education, income and race.

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