Trump playing ‘catch up’ in TN fundraising

For the first time this election cycle, Tennesseans gave more money to Donald Trump in a month than Hillary Clinton, reports Joel Ebert.

The Republican nominee slowly began to narrow the fundraising gap in June when residents of the Volunteer State gave him $195,300, about $10,000 more than Clinton, according to newly filed campaign contribution records maintained by the Federal Election Commission.

During the same time period, Clinton, who is set to accept her party’s nomination Thursday, received $185,200.

Despite Trump having his best month yet in terms of fundraising on both the state and national level, Clinton maintains a sizable advantage.

Overall, Clinton has brought in $1.8 million from Tennesseans during the presidential race while Trump has taken in about $305,000. Both totals are relatively paltry for each campaign compared to the hundreds of millions of dollars they received from donors around the country.

Trump’s latest fundraising totals reveal a significant improvement compared to previous months. As of the end of May, Clinton had raised more than 15 times the amount Trump had brought in during the entire election cycle.

The latest totals indicate Clinton has still raised six times more from Tennesseans than her Republican counterpart.

While Trump did not actively begin fundraising until May, Clinton has held three fundraisers in Nashville, two of which she attended, and could return to Tennessee in the coming months. Bill Clinton attended the third.

Even with the latest donations, the real estate mogul’s fundraising from Tennesseans is on pace to fall far short of what the Republican nominee raised during previous elections.

During the 2012 presidential race, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney raised $12 million from Tennesseans, while President Barack Obama amassed $4.6 million.

Note: The FEC state-by-state presidential campaign donation figures are HERE. (That gets you to a map of the United States; then click on TN — or another state you want to see. The TN contributions are further broken down by zip code.) In Tennessee fundraising, Trump has a ways to go to catch up to Ted Cruz, who raised more than $1 million in the state during the GOP primaries.