More notes on TN Democrats in Philadelphia

Bashing Trump
Excerpt from the third edition of Mark Harmon’s “Delegate Diary:”

No one can beat the Bernie Sanders delegates for great headgear. At Monday’s big events for Bernie, many of his supporters wore green felt Robin-Hood-style caps, complete with feathers on one side. These were a delightful play on Sanders’ message that wealth inequality is a consequence of the rigging of our economy and our politics. The “rob from the rich, give to the poor” metaphor was a subtle reply to the reactionaries on talk radio and Fox News.

Speaker after speaker has derided Donald Trump as divisive, and he certainly has been — but he is unifying Democrats in disgust at his candidacy. David Bone, a legislative assistant from Nashville, said, “The chickens have come home to roost on the Republican side of the ticket. You can’t spend 30 years of policies trying to make people afraid and hate, and not expect to end up with a candidate like Donald Trump.”

Dennis Patrick is a 72-year-old Vietnam combat veteran from Cleveland, Tenn. He says Trump is a bigot and only interested in helping himself.

“Trump is a loudmouth, a carnival barker trying to tell you what’s under the tent,” Patrick said. “Once you look under that tent, there’s nothing there.”

U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Memphis, denounced Trump as an embarrassment, a sociopath and a narcissist.

“If we get behind Hillary, we will get the Senate and make gains in the House,” Cohen said of presidential nominee Clinton.

To him, the biggest issue will be appointees to the Supreme Court. Clinton’s nominees, he declared, would be qualified and responsible; Trump’s choices would move the court in dangerous directions for a generation.

…Nashville-area Congressman Jim Cooper added that little more than 100 days remained to work hard to “make sure America goes in the right direction.” He warned, “We cannot let Trump ruin America. … Bill Clinton carried Tennessee twice, so why can’t we carry it for his wife?”

Praising Obama

Excerpts from the Tennessean’s report on President Obama’s speech:

“As many times as he does it, he always seems to capture the moment perfectly and says the words that are in my soul,” said Rob McGuire, an attorney from Nashville and Clinton delegate. “That’s what is so amazing and how lucky I feel to have witnessed that history tonight and over the last eight years.”

He said the speech offered much more optimism than the message from the Republican convention, which he called “a very top-down message.”

“It was America is broken and I can fix it. And I think the president made a perfect rebuttal to that tonight, which is America isn’t broken – we have work to do and we are going to do it together.”

State Rep. Harold Love Jr., D-Nashville, called Obama’s remarks a “wonderful goodbye given by the president, but also the handing of the baton to Hillary Clinton.

“President Obama went through and talked about the experience in the White House and where the country was, and where we were able to take it. I love how he kept saying our success is not dependent on one person, but on all of us coming together.”
Love said his favorite line of the speech was a call to vote following the eruption of boos from the crowd after Obama mentioned Trump.

“Don’t boo,” Obama said. “Vote.”

Freda Player, political director of the Service Employees International Union Local 205 and Clinton delegate, said it was “the unity speech” that Democrats needed.

“It put into perspective what’s going in the nation, what we’ve accomplished in the nation during his tenure, but also that we need to move forward and get back to our moral values,” Player said. We’re stronger — What our moral values are as a country.

Renda Washington, executive director of the Hamilton County Democratic Party, said Obama’s words left her “speechless”

“It was so awesome. I came away with the feeling that we can do this. We can get Hillary in the White House.