TN Sanders delegates not rowdy, but not happy either

From a Tennessean report on doings at the Democratic National Convention on Monday:

Tennessee was not among the delegations with large rowdy packs of Sanders loyalists.

…But Kristy Douglas, 27, a Sanders delegate from Jasper, Tenn., said she’s unsure whether she will vote for Clinton in November, though she also made clear she wouldn’t vote for Trump either. She was among those at an afternoon rally of around 1,900 in Philadelphia Monday who participated in a chorus of boos when the Vermont senator praised Clinton.

“We [feel] like it’s still not over yet,” Douglas said. She noted several pending lawsuits pertaining to the primary process, uncounted ballots in California in addition to the latest email scandal and Clinton’s vice presidential pick Sen. Tim Kaine who she called “unprogressive.”

“I don’t think Hillary wants our support and she’s not going to get it,” Douglas said. “There’s a lot of angry people out there that feel this was stolen from us.”

…Laurie Dworak, a 52-year-old Sanders delegate from Chattanooga, was not among the Sanders backers who booed during Monday’s rally. But she said she understands why some did, likening their expression to an opportunity to provide catharsis for the contentious race or booing the coach of an opposing football team.

She’s among the Sanders supporters who say she will vote for Clinton in the general election. She also predicted that the majority of her fellow Sanders supporters would eventually back Clinton as well.

“It’s more an expression of frustration,” Dworak said of the booing. “Nobody wants to lose and right now it feels as if we’ve lost.

“When the coach mentions the opposing team, you’re going to boo,” she said.

From WJHL TV of Johnson City:

“It is truly amazing to see Hillary and Bernie delegates here in Philadelphia working together to form a good platform for our party, working together to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard at this convention,” said delegate Chris Ball.

Ball said he thinks his party will come out stronger than ever after the convention.

“We have differences, sometimes on policies, what party doesn’t? But what really determines the character of our party is our ability to work together to unify Democrats from all backgrounds,” Ball said.

Both Ball and fellow delegate Barbara Wagner weighed in on controversy surrounding the DNC chairwoman and her recent resignation.

“I think that maybe her staff made a terrible error in judgment but who doesn’t do that from time to time is my question,” Wagner said.

“Every person is faced with challenges, every party is faced with challenges, this is something that is going to unite us and make us stronger as a party,” Ball said.