Former TN operative heads Clinton defense team

A former Tennessee Democratic party staffer, Issac “Zac” Wright, is heading a small army of fact-checkers called Correct the Record that is devoted to “blasting out real-time rebuttals” that defend Hillary Clinton from Republican attacks, reports Michael Collins.

In its biggest coup, the group got its hands on an advance copy of Donald Trump’s acceptance speech and then compiled and distributed a report on what it called “Trump’s lies” — hours before the GOP nominee for president delivered the address to the convention’s delegates and the nation Thursday night.

“It’s important to stop false narratives and untrue things before they become accepted,” said Wright, the West Tennessee native who runs the pro-Clinton group, Correct the Record.

Wright, a bearded father of two who cut his teeth on political races in Tennessee and other southeastern states, has been the super PAC’s executive director since 2013.

In an era when untruths can spread with lightning speed across the globe, Correct the Record exists to provide a rapid-response defense of Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, against what it calls baseless right-wing attacks.

The group’s operations center, or “war room,” is located on the sixth floor of a modern, glass-front high-rise office building in one of Washington’s up-and-coming neighborhoods.

…Wright’s first exposure to a campaign war room was as a young staffer on then-Vice President Al Gore’s campaign for president in 2000. During political debates that year, he was given the task of making sure that rapid-response materials that needed vetting were seen by the right people before they were sent out. Once they were approved, he clicked the “send” button.

His stint with Gore’s campaign was followed by other jobs in politics and government. He worked on the congressional staff of then-Rep. Harold Ford Jr., D-Memphis, and on Ford’s unsuccessful campaign for Senate. He also served as a campaign adviser and communications director to Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe and later helped Jay Nixon get elected governor of Missouri.\

During his time in Arkansas, Wright, 36, said he developed an even deeper appreciation for what Clinton accomplished during her time as the state’s first lady and in her later roles on the national stage.