Americans for Prosperity targets Sen. Overbey

News release from Americans for Prosperity-Tennessee
NASHVILLE – Americans for Prosperity-Tennessee (AFP-TN), the Volunteer State’s leading grassroots advocate for economic freedom, has announced it will hold State Senator Doug Overbey (R-Maryville) accountable for his support of Obamacare expansion in Tennessee. Sen. Overbey was the sponsor of Governor Haslam’s InsureTN proposal to expand Obamacare.

AFP-TN activists and volunteers have already knocked on 3,000 doors and will knock on at least 5,000 doors before the effort is over. Many of Overbey’s constituents have been surprised to learn about his support for Obamacare expansion and his failing vote record. AFP-TN has also posted social media and sent mail pieces educating people about Overbey’s betrayal of Tennesseans.

“We are calling on Senator Overbey to drop the lies and repent from his Obamacare expansion support,” said AFP-TN state director, Andrew Ogles. “Holding elected officials accountable is what we do. Senator Overbey can try and distance himself from Obamacare now, but we are here to remind his constituents what he’s actually been doing and voting for in Nashville. It’s one thing when a legislator proclaims to believe in big government and increased spending. It’s entirely different when a legislator tells his constituents one thing, then does the opposite.”

Overbey was the only Republican state legislator to receive an “F” on the 2016 TennesseeTaxpayer Scorecard. Overbey’s low score is attributed to his sponsorships of Obamacare expansion through the legislation known as InsureTN, his opposition to school choice for special-needs students, and his failure to protect property rights in the legislature.

Overbey has begun robo-dialing Tennesseans calling AFP-TN grassroots activists a “special-interest group” and refuting his affiliation with Obamacare.

A recording of the Overbey response says, after the senator introduces himself: “I’m sorry to bother you, but I feel it’s important that I respond to a special interest group helping my opponent spread lies about my position. I want you to know that I do not, and have not, supported Obamacare.”

Note: Via email, an AFP spokeswoman advises that “all efforts are educational grassroots lobbying” — meaning the cost of those efforts will not be disclosed under relevant laws as campaign spending. AFP is also set up under federal law to avoid disclosure of those who donate to the organization.