Rep. Mitchell: TBI should further investigate Jane Doe#24

News release from House Democratic Caucus
NASHVILLE—Rep. Bo Mitchell (D-Nashville) today announced that he is filing legislation to repeal the so-called “Jeremy’s law”. (Pub. Ch. 848).

The new law was supposedly designed to prevent frivolous lawsuits, but some feel that it provides a chilling effect that discourages sexual abuse claims.

“Under this new law, should you sue the state and a state employee and lose, you could be forced to pay their attorney’s fees”, Rep. Mitchell said. “Not all lawsuits are successful, but that doesn’t mean that they are frivolous.”

Rep. Mitchell said that the report released this week on Representative Jeremy Durham is a perfect example of how this new law could be used.

“If you look at the report, it’s clear that ‘Jane Doe 24’ is retaliated against by an unjust firing and a refusal to re-hire her. (page 30, Report of the Tennessee Attorney General’s Office for the Article II, 12 AD Hoc Select Committee for the Tennessee Hose of Representatives). Before she could take legal action, she would have to face the possibility that if she sued and lost, she could have to pay a lot of out-of-pocket money.”

Rep. Mitchell said he is asking the TBI to investigate her case and see if any laws were broken in her termination… “That’s sad”, Mitchell added. “There needs to be a price paid for inaction of leadership for not doing something for 3 years.