On House District 73 primary: Eldridge vs. Gaugh

Excerpt from a Jackson Sun report on the House District 73 Republican primary race between Rep. Jimmy Eldridge and challenger Glen Gaugh:

Gaugh became interested in politics during the Yes on 1 amendment dealing with abortion rights across the state in 2014. More recently he and his wife fought against Jackson-Madison County Schools’ Vision 2020 vote.

He said he and his wife prayed about where they could be used and felt like District 73 would be the place to continue to work. Gaugh said it helps that Eldridge has been in Nashville for so long.

“My opponent has been there 14 years and has become synonymous with Nashville politics,” he said. “I don’t have to say a lot for people to realize that … He has been there too long, and change can be good. I don’t think we’re supposed to have career politicians, and I’m not running to become one.”

Eldridge said his record and appointments, like being the chairman of the House Consumer and Human Resources Committee, speak for themselves.

“The highlight is really serving as a chairman because that’s where the Speaker of the House makes those appointments and if you’re not doing a good job, you don’t get that appointment or you don’t remain the chairman of it,” Eldridge said.

Fourteen years later, he said he has work left to do.

Both men support the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms. Eldridge touted his A+ National Rifle Association rating, while Gaugh said he wouldn’t support progressive gun control.

…However, the two men diverge greatly when talking about health insurance. Eldridge said he would have voted for Insure Tennessee had it come to a vote in the House. Gaugh said he is completely opposed to it.

Gaugh said Insure Tennessee is Obamacare, and he would support a free market plan. Eldridge disagrees, and said West Tennesseans who have fallen into the coverage gap need options.

“I’d like for [Gaugh] to go in there and meet with West Tennessee Healthcare and tell them why he doesn’t support Insure Tennessee …” Eldridge said.

Note: Campaign finance snapshot from 2nd quarter disclosures:

Gaugh: Raised $5,523; spent $3,759; balance $1,900
Eldridge: Raised $29,800; spent $4,811; balance $124,624