Dickerson outspent by self-funding challenger

Dr. Ron McDow, who is challenging state Sen. Steve Dickerson in the Republican primary, outspent the incumbent during the second quarter by more than two-to-one, reports the Nashville Post.

McDow spent $128,000 after loaning his campaign $150,000. He had just $5,350 in donations.

Dickerson brought in $57,849 in the second quarter and spent $47,640. But he started with a sizable war chest, so he ended the quarter with $206,857 on hand. However, Dickerson still has $121,000 in outstanding loans to his campaign dating from his 2012 race.

Dickerson also spent $33,060 on mailings and tele-town halls from his Senate “constituent communications” account, a move that has come under fire from Democrat Erin Coleman, who will be running against the primary victor in November.

“The overwhelming majority of people in District 20 agree with House Speaker Beth Harwell that legislators shouldn’t be allowed to play insider games and transfer taxpayer money to their buddies. I firmly stand with the taxpayers on this. The State House has banned this indefensible practice, so should the Senate,” Coleman said in a press release.

Note: Coleman’s reference is to Dickerson receiving more than $30,000 in transfers from seven other Republican senators their taxpayer-funded mailing accounts to his account — a practice prohibited in the House. See previous post HERE.