On Senate District 10 (Gardenhire) endorsements and fundraising

Nick Wilkinson, the deputy administrator of Chattanooga’s Department of economic development, has an apparent financial lead in the state Senate District 10 Democratic primary, reports the Times-Free Press. He got checks from Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke, former Mayor Jon Kinsey and other area political figures in second quarter fundraising.

Wilkinson also got an endorsement on the newspaper’s Times editorial page – both for the primary and in the general election against Republican Sen. Todd Gardenhire. The Free Press editorial page, meanwhile, made no endorsement in the Democratic primary but declared its support for reelecting Gardenhire in the general election.

Wilkinson raised $42,600 in the second quarter. Further from the fundraising story:

That exceeds the $36,250 raised by incumbent Sen. Todd Gardenhire, R-Chattanooga, as well as one of the Democrat’s two rivals in the Aug. 4 primary — Khristy Wilkinson, who is not related to Nick Wilkinson…. (Nick Wilkinson) reported spending just $2,948 during the April 1 to June 30 period. He had $47,474 in cash on hand.

But Gardenhire has a little more than double that amount with $105,567.

… Gardenhire began the second quarter with $72,917 in cash on hand. He reported raising the $36,250 with contributions including $7,500 from Republican Senate Speaker Ron Ramsey’s RAAMPAC.

The endorsement editorials include some background information and observations — and some blessing and/or bashing of the incumbent –making both recommended reads for Tennessee political junkies. The Wilkerson endorsement is HERE; The Gardenhire endorsement is HERE.