Haslam on Black Lives Matter: ‘A really hard conversation’

Excerpt from a WKRN-TV report:

“People have asked me before, ‘Well, is Black Lives Matter a legitimate saying or do all lives matter?’, and my first is all life matters. All life is precious and, in my view, created in the image of God,” Haslam began.

“That being said, we have a history in our country where African Americans can legitimately feel like there’s some circumstances we live with that other people haven’t had to live with. That’s a legitimate complaint, and so we’re not going to solve it overnight, but I do think we have to start having a really hard conversation,” he continued.

Haslam says the country has a lot of to do when it comes to the racial divide.

Haslam said also thinks the police chiefs in both Nashville and Memphis, where there have been situations that could have gotten out of control, are doing a good job handling them.

On the same subject from WPLN:

The Republican governor adds that he’s rooting for President Obama. Haslam hopes his speech to mourners succeeds in advancing the national dialogue around police shootings.

“He’s uniquely qualified to do something to a country that’s troubled,” the governor told reporters shortly before Obama’s speech (in Dallas Tuesday on the slayings of police officers there).

… “The encouraging thing to me is you’re seeing law enforcement officers doing that (having conversations on race). You’re seeing churches doing that. You’re seeing those conversations happen.”

Haslam says he’s asked deputy to the governor Jim Henry and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation director Mark Gwyn to meet with leaders in the African-American community to discuss policing.