On House District 45 GOP primary: Cox versus Rogers

For a second time since winning office in 2012, Courtney Rogers is facing opposition from within her own party in her re-election bid in the 45th District, reports The Tennessean.

This time, the retired Air Force Lt. Colonel is being challenged by Sumner County School Board Chairman Beth Cox in the Aug. 4 primary. The winner will not face a Democratic candidate in November.

Both candidates say they are pro-life, support Second Amendment rights and label themselves fiscal conservatives who believe the federal government sometimes reaches into state business further than it should.

However, while Rogers has courted the Tea Party wing of the Republican party, Cox shies away from being labeled the more moderate of the two.

“There’s not a moderate in this race,” said Cox, a two-term school board member who is the program director for Decisions, Choices and Options, a regional teen pregnancy prevention program.

Cox, a 20-year member of the local Republican party, contends she is just as conservative as Rogers, but would prioritize differently what issues she would tackle if elected to the statehouse.

…Rogers is vice chair of the House Transportation Committee. She is also a member of the House Civil Justice Committee and House Transportation Subcommittee.

“The majority of folks I talked to are disgusted by federal over-reach in more areas than I can address quickly,” Rogers said, “but state’s rights is going to be a huge issue next session.”

Rogers added security and Second Amendment concerns are also on the rise as well as questions about how to make transportation and infrastructure improvements that will spread economic growth to the “entire state, not just certain pockets.”

Campaign finance snapshot from 2nd quarter disclosures:

Rogers raised $28,369, spent $20,577 and has $18,582 cash on hand.

Cox raised $14,050, spent $7,407 and has $24,717 cash on hand.