Grant Starrett’s second TV commercial

From the Times-Free Press:
“It’s shocking, but true,” a female announcer says in the 30-second spot, which began airing this week. “Scott DesJarlais voted for $700 billion in Obama’s food stamps. And DesJarlais supported Obama’s military cuts. DesJarlais even failed to hold America’s largest abortion provider accountable.”

Featuring images including armed, masked men in green uniforms marching on a beach and, later, what appears to be a sonogram of a fetus, the announcer goes on to say, “You’re paying for welfare and abortions all while we’re under attack by radical Muslims. You’ve been betrayed by DesJarlais.”

DesJarlais spokesman Robert Jameson charged that the ad, now running in the Chattanooga and Nashville areas, is packed with distortions.

“Grant’s latest ad simply confirms what most voters already know: he is an out-of-touch, establishment politician from California who couldn’t possibly represent conservatives in Tennessee,” Jameson said.

Starrett campaign manager Tommy Schultz said the ad is factual and on target.