Nothing personal in 4th Congressional District primary?

From the Times-Free Press
Challenger Grant Starrett says he’s “gone out of my way” to avoid discussing U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais’ personal life and wants a pledge from the Republican congressman that their primary race will be “a battle of ideas” instead of personal attacks.

But DesJarlais, seeking a fourth term in the 4th Congressional District, is in no mood to agree to the deal. His campaign coordinator, Tyler Privette, calls Starrett “a 28-year old trust fund kid from California who disingenuously wants a pledge that he has already broken on numerous occasions.”

Starrett pledged last week in a statement and a video on his campaign’s Facebook page that “I will not attack Scott DesJarlais’ personal life because we should make this election about helping Tennessee families, not tearing down each other’s families.”

The 28-year-old attorney added, “We will have a vigorous debate over policy.” That includes abortion, he said, charging that DesJarlais “continuously refuses to define when life begins” while he himself believes it “begins at conception.”

It’s a subtle reminder of how DesJarlais’ primary challenger two years ago, state Sen. Jim Tracy, hammered him over divorce documents from his first marriage.