Six mayors back Shutt’s challenge to Sen. Gresham in Senate District 26

Savannah Mayor Bob Shutt, opposing Sen. Delores Gresham of Somerville in the Republican primary, has been endorsed by mayors of five counties in the eight-county Senate District 26, along with the mayor of Selmer. Here’s the handout:

News release from Bob Shutt campaign:

Bob Shutt for State Senate announced today the endorsements of his 26th District Senate Campaign by five County Mayors and the Mayor of Selmer, TN. The Mayors endorsing Shutt are:

Dwain Seaton, Chester Co.
Ronnie Brooks, McNairy Co.
Kevin Davis, Hardin Co.
Mike Creasy, Decatur Co.
Dan Hughes, Henderson Co.
John Smith, Selmer,Tn. City Mayor

Bob Shutt called fellow mayors’ endorsements “a keystone to building a winning team for West Tennessee.” Shutt continued, “These are individuals who are respected by their communities and I’ve been privileged to work with as Mayor of Savannah. I am honored and humbled by their support an look forward to rolling up our sleeves together to lay the foundation for the future of West Tennessee.” Bob Shutt is centering his campaign on recruiting jobs and economic development, improving public education and restoring access to local healthcare in rural West Tennessee counties.

Shutt stated, “as local officials we’ve been frustrated by missed opportunities and slow responses to our specific needs. I want to serve every citizen and community in the District, not just the politically connected.”

Hardin County Mayor, Kevin Davis pointed to Bob Shutt’s successes as Mayor of Savannah as a major reason behind his endorsement. “Bob has worked tirelessly at the federal, state and local levels to bring jobs and economic development to Hardin County.” Davis added, “we are fortunate to have someone of Bob’s proven ability seeking to represent us in Nashville.”

McNairy County Mayor, Ronnie Brooks pointed to Shutt’s healthcare experience as a big factor in making his endorsement, “Bob Shutt has worked in healthcare his entire career. I know by working with local leaders, he can help McNairy Co. re-establish our much needed emergency healthcare.”

Chester County Mayor, Dwain Seaton measured his support on Shutt’s commitment to bring people together stating, “Bob Shutt will work with local leaders to help the rural counties to attract industry and jobs. He understands how we have to create the opportunities for job growth in West Tennessee.”

Bob Shutt pointed to the need for everyone to come together to build a bright future for West Tennessee, “I am proud to be a conservative Republican, but many of our needs can’t be defined by partisan politics. Rural communities are special places in Tennessee. We help our neighbors; we are proud of our public schools and respect our teachers; we all share the goal of working for a brighter future for our children and grandchildren. Too often our rural values have been ignored or overlooked in Nashville.”

Bob Shutt is a lifelong Hardin Countian. Mayor Shutt has experience as a small businessman, licensed Pharmacist, and was first elected Mayor of Savannah in 2000. Bob and his wife of 39 years, Janie have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.