DesJarlais launches direct mail attack on ‘trust fund millionaire’

Tennessee’s 4th Congressional District Rep, Scott DesJarlais is making a direct mail attack on his primary challenger, Grant Starrett, as a young West Coast “trust fund millionaire” trying to “buy his way into Congress.”

Further from the Times-Free Press:

The DesJarlais mailer, the first publicly funded piece by the three-term South Pittsburg physician in the Aug. 4 primary campaign, labels Starrett as “Mr. California.”

“Grant Starrett should be running for Congress in California, not Tennessee,” the mailer says. It further charges Starrett, 28, with “moving to Tennessee to buy his way into Congress,” that he “only moved into our district a year ago” and he “doesn’t represent us or our small town values.”

The mailer says Starrett “grew up in a ten million dollar home overlooking the Pacific Ocean in California” and notes his campaign is funded “with out-of-state money, including a half million-dollar loan from himself.”

Tommy Schultz, Starrett’s campaign manager, retorted that “apparently Grant Starrett is getting to Scott DesJarlais.”

Schultz blasted the congressman for spending $67,000 of public money on communications with constituents from Jan. 1 to March 31.

“It’s not surprising DesJarlais spent more than all eight other Tennessee Congressmen combined with taxpayer-funded ‘Mass Communications’ and then is blasting out false attack mailers from his campaign,” Schultz said in an email to the Times Free Press on Sunday.

…Robert Jameson, DesJarlais’ spokesman, charged Starrett “is someone who has absolutely no ties to the community and whose establishment views are out of touch with the majority of folks in the Fourth District. California does not need another congressman.”