Durham lists wrong occupation in donation to Trump

The most recent Donald Trump presidential campaign disclosure lists embattled state Rep. Jeremy Durham, as making to small donations and giving his occupation as city manager of Fairview, a position he has never held, according to The Tennessean.

Durham says the listed donations, $163.77 and $33.25, were actually payments for Trump campaign signs and caps given to constituents in response to requests made while Durham was campaigning.

“My campaign staff may have made a mistake when entering occupation and employer,” Durham said in an email to The Tennessean. “I’m not employed by the city of Fairview and we will contact the Trump campaign today to clear up any confusion.”

Durham is an attorney in addition to being a state lawmaker. He didn’t elaborate on how his campaign staff could mistake his occupation.

Wayne Hall is currently the interim city manager of Fairview… In a statement, Hall said his wife requested some Trump merchandise through Durham.

“Mr. Durham is not in the running for the city manager position nor is he employed in any way by the city of Fairview,” Hall said in the emailed statement.

“The amount of $163.77 relates to Trump merchandise requested by my wife through Mr. Durham.”