Holt to pay for 5 gun permits; says other legislators should do same

News release from state Rep. Andy Holt
Nashville, Tenn., June 16, 2016—In wake of the Orlando Terror Attack, Tennessee State Representative Andy Holt (R-Dresden) has announced that he will personally pay for the first five people that contact his office to get their handgun carry permits.

“I want people to arm themselves,” said Holt. “Why am I doing this? It’s very simple. People need to be prepared, and we’ve got a situation where government and those on the left are trying to disarm people in the middle of some of the most dangerous times we’ve faced in decades. It’s literally crazy. Furthermore, I think members of the LGBT community are starting to realize how crazy it is that Democrats want to leave them completely defenseless, no less in the wake of a terror attack that explicitly targeted them. People have a right to defend themselves.”

Holt says the first five people that contact his office will be directed on how to apply for their permit, and he will cover the cost for a 3-year permit.

“Look, it’s no secret that I’m a conservative, and I may not necessarily agree with the LGBT lifestyle, but I would never have these people become sitting ducks for those that wish them harm,” said Holt. “That goes for anyone that may disagree with me politically. I want every last person in the State of Tennessee to be prepared to defend themselves should the need arise.”

Holt says he is also calling on other legislators to follow along and offer to pay for 5 others to get their permits to help raise awareness.

Andy Holt is a Republican State Representative for District 76, which includes Weakley, as well as parts of Carroll and Obion counties.